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Every bride knows getting ready for her big day is nothing to sneeze at. There are SO MANY choices to make. So, where do we begin?

The Significant Other

First, contrary to some women's beliefs these should first have a husband/wife picked out before starting to plan their big day but, to each their own (lol). So... that solves question number one.

Location & Dress

Next, the date and location and then - the dress. Everyone loves picking out the dress and it usually involves the help of friends or loved ones with their frank opinions (even if we don't want them). This can be an easy task or a strenuous one (depending on your circumstances) but no matter what it usually involves a lot of thought and time. Getting all wrapped up in the details of planning a wedding can sometimes overshadow the rest of the details for the bride - and hair and makeup get the short end of the stick. Having a plan will save you from two things you definitely don't want to deal with on your big day; hurry and indecision.  

Finally - The Hair!

A lot of brides go in on the day of the wedding with no plan and leave the details to the stylist. Others have an exact picture of what they want and just trust that the stylist can give them that no matter what the difference in their hair and the model in the pictures hair is. A good stylist - who likes doing dramatic formal styles is hard to find; but finding one that will give you exactly what you want on your big day is even harder. If your regular stylist doesn't like doing formal hair she should give you a good recommendation to someone who does - don't be afraid to ask.  You must talk with the stylist who is doing your hair prior to the day of your wedding and ask them what you will need to achieve the look you are going for. This can range from certain products, pins or accessories, how soon you should wash your hair prior to having it styled that day, and even if you need to purchase additional hair to make your hair appear fuller or longer. Almost all of the beautiful styles you see in magazines or online have additional hair added in. Speaking to your stylist in advance can avoid last-minute panic on your big day, and if you want to make certain you will be getting exactly what you want you should schedule a trial run appointment(s) to eliminate any indecision. Don't just pick a pretty picture and think everything will work out. You must put some thought into your hairstyle.

Here are a few factors that should go into your decision about your hair:

  • The neckline of your dress  (If wearing a high neck style - hair should be swept up; with a lower cut some hair should be left down if not all.)
  • Your jewelry (jewelry should be complementary and not overpowering - YOU are the star - not the jewelry)
  • Location of the wedding (outdoor weddings should usually be worn up - to avoid wind and sweating)
  • The natural ability of your hair to hold a style (straight, fine hair is usually best worn up or partially up with hair added in as it falls flat too easily)
  • Your comfort level 
  • Headpieces, veils, barrettes, tiaras, flowers (using pieces that contrast with your hair color can give a more modern bold look while using ones that are closer to your hair color can give more of a feminine, traditional look and don't forget to bring them with you to your trial run appointment(s))
  • Haircolor (i do not recommend changing your hair color drastically or trying a new trend before your wedding - imagine looking at your wedding photos 10 years from now)

These are just a few of the things you should consider when making your "bridal hair" decision. Also, don't stress about the rest of the bridal party's hair - this day is about YOU! Overall, you should feel comfortable and beautiful on your big day. Using these tips will make your day even more perfect than you've always imagined! 


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