Pinterest. Although it was a site that was created by men, it is known for being the place women go to pick out things like monogrammed bath towels and wedding dresses. In essence, it is an evolved form of scrap-booking. Surprisingly, Pinterest is actually used mainly by males instead of women outside of the US. In the UK for example, there are more male than female Pinterest users. This is also true for places like France and Japan. Pinterest is basically a place where you can find pictures and links to things that interest you. When you find something that interests you, you can pin it, like it, or share it. When you pin something it goes onto a ‘board.’ Think of the image you want to pin as a tool, and the board you want it to go into a drawer in your toolbox. Of course the toolbox is made up of a number of drawers, or boards, which makes up your profile. They do ask for your gender and show material that would most likely interest you when you’re browsing around the site. For those that feel Pinterest is too far entrenched in arts and crafts and glitter, there is an alternative. was launched as a manly alternative to Pinterest. It features things like Chuck Norris, automobile concepts, and ingenuously engineered urinals. It works in a similar way, though you ‘renail’ something to pin it and ‘bump’ something to like it. As you can imagine the renal icon is a hammer and nail. So guys, you can either use Manteresting as an alternative, or as a way to gently break into using Pinterest.


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