Fabrics. There are a number of different types of fabrics, each made up of a different type of material, often with a different type of feel and attributes. These often just have to be felt to be experienced, often like the roar and vibration of an engine. You can go on and on about different engine sizes but you just don’t comprehend until you rev one up or try to pull a fully loaded trailer with a V6 F-150… but back to the fabrics! The main fabrics we deal with here at Diamond Event Rentals include pintuck, satin, organza, crush, and polyester. Pintuck is a fabric that includes folds in its design. It has a very French feel about it, if France were to feel like something. Pintuck can be instantly recognized by seeing it. All fabrics can be seen in the diagram. Satin, of course, is a common, yet classy fabric; it has a certain shine to it that makes you want to hold your pinky out. If you’d like an example, go to the women’s bathrobe section, you’ll be sure to find a number of examples. Just don’t stay too long. Organza. Organza is not a radical environmental group like you might imagine, but a very delicate, sheer (see-through), material. It’s a woven material made from silk, or synthetic polyester or nylon. Organza is often used on formal dresses or wedding dresses. Crush. Crush isn’t just an artificially flavored drink its also a wonderfully delicate and soft fabric. It in essence it silk, or an alternative, that has been 'crushed,' or wrinkled to give it a new texture. Polyester. One of the most common fabric materials found. Go through your closet and you’ll find a number of your shirts will contain a blend of polyester or even be 100% pure. Check out there to get an idea for poly. That wraps up this edition of the Man’s blog. Check the diagram below for a good visual on the fabrics.





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