Tables, you will NEED tables for your wedding! You may not need them for the ceremony but definitely for the reception! How many tables you need all depends on how many guests you will have, along with the refreshments, entertainment, and any other purpose. The most common reasons for the tables is the most obvious for people to sit at to eat as well as converse. But the other reasons you will need a table is for your cake, candy bar, gift table, sweetheart table, DJ table, and ice sculpture.....the list goes on and on! To go along with your tables you will need linens, but we will get to that later on. You have several options when it comes to tables; you can choose from round tables of several sizes, rectangle which come in several sizes as well, then your half circle tables and square tables. Once again the list goes on and on. You can also choose from plastic, metal, or wooden tables. Literally anything you want is possible! When you rent your tables from a rental store (like us), anything is possible and we GUARANTEE that. Also, most rental stores will have them on display in a setup to give you ideas of what you can do with your wedding! Most rental stores including Diamond Event Rentals will have kids tables as well! The best part about it is that if your guest list is 10 or 500 you can RENT your tables so you won't be stuck with an outrageous amount of tables! We want your wedding to be everything that YOU WANT it to be. 

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