The Centerpiece

   Your centerpiece, such a small thing but something that makes a HUGE difference. You don't want to be too simple and have your tables empty. Then again you don't want too much because that takes away from the conversation of guests, other decorations, or worst of worst it could take away from YOU! it's your big day and everyone should be focused on you and your significant other. The centerpiece should obviously match the theme of the wedding, as well as coordinating with all of the other decorations and colors you have. One of the most common ways to do a centerpiece is floral. You can dress it up with bling, lace, or bows, it's whatever you want on your day. Another way you can go with the centerpiece which I find absolutely adorable is to make it personal. If your theme is vintage use some distressed picture frames with sweet, loving, caring, funny pictures then add some pearls and or lace. If you want more of a country/rustic theme think about coordinating mason jars into it. Recently mason jars and the "southern" theme has been BIG! Your centerpiece is a small detail added in there that most people won't notice, but when you walk in you want your room (or area if it's outside) to look complete. The centerpiece does just that. Don't go spending too much money so rent your centerpieces. Renting them will mean that you're not stuck with an abundance of centerpieces after your wedding. Remember you are doing the wedding of your dreams on a budget. If you don't have much time to plan for the centerpieces don't stress over it! The centerpiece takes no time, and is one of the easiest parts of the wedding. Everything has to be how you want it, doesn't matter how simple or extravagant it will be everything you ever wanted. After all today is all about YOU! 


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