A guys guide to chairs. Would a chair by another name sit as comfy? No. Different chairs have different names and different types of use. Chiavari chairs for instance have a distinct look. If you’re wondering, Chiavari actually refers to the Italian town they were first made. It is pronounced “Shi-vari,” Although, if you were Italian, you would pronounce it like this. These types of chairs are also called Tiffany chairs. They're a favorite for wedding chairs. Sometimes they’ll be dressed up to look even fancier. 




Another type of chair is the folding chair. You can simply use these chairs as is, or they can be covered.  The covering and ties are separate pieces. The chair is first covered with the cloth, and then tied. You can see the difference though.The covered version of the chair is often used for weddings are "elegant" or "couture." Couture is something we will get to later on.




Another type of chair is the wooden chair, which is simply a wooden chair. These types of chairs are usually used for occasions that women would call “rustic” or “vintage.” Though they can also be used for any situation they decided.




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