The Venue

   If you really think about it you're renting out your venue because most places charge. If you're going to do that why not rent other items as well. The venue is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding. The venue will determine what your decorations are like, your dress, guest list, and the style of the wedding. You have several venue options so don't feel like you have to stress. You can have a church wedding, outside wedding, or at any place really. The traditional style is to have a church wedding. It doesn't matter what religion you are any wedding in the chapel is going to be gorgeous whether it's small and simple or big and extravagant. Lately the most common is having an outside wedding. You can choose a park, vineyard, ocean, backyard, or a field. There are several options. The only problem with outside weddings is you can't always be 100% sure on the weather. If you really want an outside wedding I would take the chance and plan the wedding you want. Most hotels and resorts have rooms that can be rented out as well. You can save on the venue by finding a place (that you want) that either doesn't charge, a friend or family members land/building, or just search around and find a place that has great deals! Your venue has a large impact on your wedding so you want it to be what you WANT. It also needs to fit your budget as well as being spectacular. 

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