Sweet Boutique is located in the cloverleaf plaza in Van Buren, Ar. The bakery is co-owned by sisters Stafanie and Brooke. They have been in business for 5 1/2 years. The business originally was just a hobby and started out as Stefanie trying new things in her house. Then she started baking for friends and family. Eventually things just fell in place and the business formed. They had a shop in Cedarville, AR and recently moved it into Van Buren. Neither Stefanie or Brooke had any baking experience. They taught themselves everything they know along with a little help from Pinterest and Youtube. They enjoy decorating cakes the most, and really enjoy it when you let them have the reins. Give them the theme or idea of what you want and let them use their creative minds to give you a masterpiece.  Brooke enjoys wedding cakes while Stefanie enjoys birthday cakes. Although they enjoy different things, these sisters sure can combine their heads to make something great. They provide the most of their gourmet cupcakes which they have 27 flavors of. All flavors were created by them. Their specialty is custom designed cakes. They mostly reach the age group of 25-40 because they cater to so many weddings and birthday parties.  




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923 Louisville Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 646-8109
Mon - Fri: 9a - 5p
Saturday: by appt only

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