Bliss cupcakes hasn't been open long here in Fort Smith, Ar but business is booming for them. Owner Kerri Hughes and husband opened up shop in April of 2014. The first Bliss was opened in Fayetteville, AR in November of 2009. There are 6 locations as of now. Kerri's husband wanted to open a donut shop for the longest time and then fell in love with Bliss product. They had Bliss Cupcakes at their wedding and enjoyed them frequently. They went to call the owners to see if they wanted to franchise and they were coming to Fort Smith that day to look for locations. Bliss just fell into their laps. They got what they wanted and now they have their own store located in the shopping enter across from Mercy hospital. They wanted to enter into the Bliss business not only because they loved the product but because "cupcakes are fun" Kerri says. She enjoys the interaction with the public and making them happy the most. Because they have not been open long majority of their product goes to general sales. They do wish to get into the wedding business more and provide more for birthdays and other events as well. They reach the public of age 18-40, it seems everyone wants some bliss in their lives. Lately they have been doing cupcakes for gender reveals so if you're expecting you know where to go! Their specialty is the ingredients. Kerri says they use the highest quality and they are baked from scratch every morning. Not only do they use the highest quality, but they use real fruit. They also do taste testing's, consultations for weddings and offer special pricing.


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923 Louisville Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 646-8109
Mon - Fri: 9a - 5p
Saturday: by appt only

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