Anna Huyhn owner of Danenhance has been in business for 15 years. She wanted to start her own business because she saw an opportunity to better the market and show her creativity. She simply just loves to see people happy. Her and her staff are very experienced in several different areas such as DJ, accent lighting, and photo booths. If you need anything more such as face painting or clowns they can do that too! Her staff speaks about five different languages so if you want a party that is bi-lingual they are your experts! Their specialty is customizing your wedding or event. No single wedding is the same or done the same. They have no organic set-up, or theme it is all unique! The character that makes them shine is that you get the highest quality for an affordable price. Your highest quality is the quality of stars! They have done the tour of Martha Stewart and worked with several other celebrities such as Ludacris, VIC, and Tiffany Thornton. They did Tiffany Thornton's wedding in Hot Springs, AR. Fun fact: They had a wedding crashed by VIC and everyone wobbled away! Another fun fact is they have done some production for MTV. You are guaranteed to give you a professional and unique wedding or event when you work with Anna and her staff!   




My Cloud Limo is owned and operated by Amy and Justin Farquhar. They started the service at the end of 2012. The thing that they enjoy most about operating the service is making people happy and seeing their expression as the limos roll up. The couple used to restore and sell vehicles and likes to participate in the community. Their busy season is of course prom season, although quinceañeras keep them busy from weekend to weekend. They are most popular with the teen crowd as a result of this. They also provide services on special dates such as New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Their most notable vehicle has to be the stretch Hummer that turns heads everywhere, especially in their native Van Buren. They feel word of mouth reaches people the best in the area where there’s nothing but wonderful things that can be said about them. My Cloud Limo just recently obtained new offices on Alma Highway. They hope to make a difference in the community by providing quality limo services at great rates where there wasn’t one before.



Bridal Elegance has been serving the River Valley and surrounding areas for almost 18 years. She has always loved to sew and wanted her own shop, previously she had a full time job and did alterations. She wants to make people happy. If you leave her shop with what you want then that means the most to her. She has a store full of dresses for all ages and all events, tuxedos, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. She has been serving the public of all ages and styles for a very long time. Her specialty is giving personal service. She wants you to be her focus and make sure that you are getting what you want. Many individuals have commented on how friendly the service is and how well she works with you on a personal level.  Your wedding day or event should be enjoyable and not stressful. If you need a little more time lay-away is offered at her store. She will help as much as she can to not let the stress take over and make sure you are enjoying the experience of picking out your attire.  You will be in good hands when you go to Bridal Elegance because she knows what she is doing with having 50 years of experience behind her.


Wedding Designs by Janece has been in business for 9 years, also know as "Save It For the Honey Moon".    Wedding Designs by Janece, owner Janece Morehead is renown for her "Bling It On" weddings and untouchable by no one for her "Vintage Wedding Packages"  and is the top Wedding and Event Designer in Northwest Arkansas, River Valley, and Little Rock, Arkansas areas.

Janece started her business with her late husband Ron, and has partnered up with her daughter Ashleigh.  Their intent, and it still is, is to provide the most beautiful and elaborate events without "breaking the bank"!  If you want custom....she does them.  Wedding Designs by Janece is in high demand due to her detailed and precise critiquing.   All of her events are unique due to her creativity, and chicness.   Wedding Designs by Janece creates stress free weddings or events for her brides special day.  There is no doubt, no one in this area that has the creativeness, and experience as Wedding Designs by Janece has.






Co-owners Larry and Brenda have had their business 11 years this July. Larry says he has always had a passion for creating delicious treats. He personally loves the actual baking process and product development the best. Before Confectionately Yours, he had other jobs and simply baked out of his house for people. They mostly provide cakes for birthdays, graduations, weddings, and chocolate covered strawberries. Confectionately Yours says they like to focus on their customer service and use of the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible. Their decorators have years of experience and are more akin to artists with the sort of things that come out of their kitchen. The website hosts an image gallery of their different creations. Larry states that he’s seen certain trends recently such as the booming popularity of gourmet cupcakes and the ‘gender reveal’ cakes for expecting families. Families are the majority of their customers in fact, where they keep coming back year after year for birthday cakes, graduation cakes, and someday a wedding cake. Company cakes for corporate celebrations are also a specialty of theirs. Their signature use of ganache also sets them apart from the crowd.  Confectionatly Yours can be found easily at 5215 Rogers Avenue Fort Smith.




Diva den is the place to go for color, cut, and updos! The owner is Punky Weiler and she has been doing hair for 23 years. Her salon Diva Den has been open for 13 years. She enjoys being able to show her creativity. Her salon is made up of fun, easy going, and a creative group of ladies with at least 26 years of experience. Go to them and you know that you will be in good hands. They provide everything you need and can do anything you want. They can give you the look you want no matter your age, or style that you are looking for. Every lady there specializes in every aspect of hair from the simple cut to mulit-dimension coloring and special occasion style.





At Alley Katz you can find a variety of antiques and vintage items for your event or wedding. Debbra is not only the owner of Alley Katz, she is also an award-winning florist with 30 years of experience, a designer, and a day-of coordinator. Her store has items both for sale and rent. She enjoys renting out her items for vintage and ‘country sass’ weddings so that the bride isn’t stuck with items she may never use again. If she could describe her services in three words it would be: Friendly, Genuine, Creative. She loves to shop and find treasures to make everyone’s wedding one of a kind. She loves working with brides to make their dreams come true and enjoys the reactions of the groom. She feels vintage will always keep in style whether its in the form of pure vintage, Gatsby style, modern-vintage, country sass, or elegant. At Alley Katz, a bride can afford more on a budget. You can find her store at 243 West Cherry Street in Alma. Debbra is also a blogger if you’re in need of inspiration.



Johnston's Quality Flowers has been serving the River Valley and surrounding areas since 1916. That's a long 98 years! Times Record has named them "Best Florist of Fort Smith". They specialize in an array of gifts whether it's the saddest or happiest day of your life. A few of their specialties are: Large inventory, Tropicals, High-style floral arrangements, weddings, Gourmet and fruit baskets, and stuffed animals. "never be out-worked, out-thought, or undersold" those are the words that the staff of Johnston's lives by. They say they are not in the flower business but in the emotion business. Whatever the occasion may be, it will always be properly expressed through the arrangement you chose. The staff enjoys helping you express your emotions so that is why they are the go to florists! They provide arrangements for every occasion. Johnston's originally had several greenhouses. MR. Johnston had always loved flowers and plants, some would say he had a "green thumb". After these 98 years Johnston's is doing a great job of serving you in every way.




Bliss cupcakes hasn't been open long here in Fort Smith, Ar but business is booming for them. Owner Kerri Hughes and husband opened up shop in April of 2014. The first Bliss was opened in Fayetteville, AR in November of 2009. There are 6 locations as of now. Kerri's husband wanted to open a donut shop for the longest time and then fell in love with Bliss product. They had Bliss Cupcakes at their wedding and enjoyed them frequently. They went to call the owners to see if they wanted to franchise and they were coming to Fort Smith that day to look for locations. Bliss just fell into their laps. They got what they wanted and now they have their own store located in the shopping enter across from Mercy hospital. They wanted to enter into the Bliss business not only because they loved the product but because "cupcakes are fun" Kerri says. She enjoys the interaction with the public and making them happy the most. Because they have not been open long majority of their product goes to general sales. They do wish to get into the wedding business more and provide more for birthdays and other events as well. They reach the public of age 18-40, it seems everyone wants some bliss in their lives. Lately they have been doing cupcakes for gender reveals so if you're expecting you know where to go! Their specialty is the ingredients. Kerri says they use the highest quality and they are baked from scratch every morning. Not only do they use the highest quality, but they use real fruit. They also do taste testing's, consultations for weddings and offer special pricing.



Funky Memories Photo Booth is co-owned by Patrick and Kelly Hansson. They are currently in their third year of business and have loved every second of it. They started their own business because there wasn't a place in the Fort Smith area that rented out photo booths. The part they enjoy the most is when people are in the photo booth and start laughing! Hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles on faces brings joy to their hearts. They have several large booths they comfortably fit 10 but they have seen 16 people squeeze in one before. That must make for a lot of laughs which results in the owners happiness. Every person that gets in the booth gets a print out of the pictures that were taken. They rent a lot of booths for weddings, birthday parties, school functions, and charity events. They hope to continue serving locally and make everyone happy as long as they are in business.


Sweet Boutique is located in the cloverleaf plaza in Van Buren, Ar. The bakery is co-owned by sisters Stafanie and Brooke. They have been in business for 5 1/2 years. The business originally was just a hobby and started out as Stefanie trying new things in her house. Then she started baking for friends and family. Eventually things just fell in place and the business formed. They had a shop in Cedarville, AR and recently moved it into Van Buren. Neither Stefanie or Brooke had any baking experience. They taught themselves everything they know along with a little help from Pinterest and Youtube. They enjoy decorating cakes the most, and really enjoy it when you let them have the reins. Give them the theme or idea of what you want and let them use their creative minds to give you a masterpiece.  Brooke enjoys wedding cakes while Stefanie enjoys birthday cakes. Although they enjoy different things, these sisters sure can combine their heads to make something great. They provide the most of their gourmet cupcakes which they have 27 flavors of. All flavors were created by them. Their specialty is custom designed cakes. They mostly reach the age group of 25-40 because they cater to so many weddings and birthday parties.


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